Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Swimming lesson fees are paid for on a termly basis, prior to the course start date.


Holiday PeriodClosed Between (inclusive)Re-Open
Summer 2021Tuesday 17th August – Monday 30th AugustTuesday 31st October
QEGS Open Day 20219th October 
October half term 2021No closure planned 
Christmas 2021Monday 20th December – Sunday 2nd JanuaryMonday 3rd January
February half term 2022No closure planned 
Easter 2022Friday 15th April – Thursday 21st AprilFriday 22nd April
May half term 2022Monday 30th May – Sunday 5th JuneMonday 6th June
Summer 2022Saturday 6th August – Friday 2nd SeptemberSaturday 3rd September
October half term 2022Monday 31st October – Sunday 6th NovemberMonday 7th November
Christmas 2022Tuesday 20th December – Monday 2nd JanuaryTuesday 3rd January


TermNumber of LessonsCourse DatesClosedEnrolment
Summer 2021117th June to 16th August23rd & 30th August
Autumn 2021106th September to 8th Novembernone planned 
Winter 20211015th November to 31st January 202120th & 27th December 
Spring 2022 7th February to 11th April18th April4th April
Summer 2022 25th April to 1st August30th May, 8th August, 15th August, 22nd August, 29th August18th July
Autumn 2022 5th September to 14th November31st October24th October
Winter 2022 21st November to 6th February26th December, 2nd January23rd January


TermNumber of LessonsCourse DatesClosedEnrolment
Summer 2021 (2)1013th July to 28th September17th & 24th August 
Autumn 2021115th October to 14th December21st & 28th December 
Winter 2021104th January to 15th Marchnone planned 
Spring 2022 22nd March to 24th May19th April, 31st May10th May
Summer 2022 7th June to 2nd August9th August, 16th August, 23rd August, 30th August19th July
Autumn 2022 6th September to 15th November1st November25th October
Winter 2022 22nd November to 7th February 202320th December, 27th December24th January


TermNumber of LessonsCourse DatesClosedEnrolment
Summer 2021 (2)107th July to 22nd September18th & 25th August 
Autumn 20211229th September to 15th December22nd & 29th December 
Winter 2022105th January to 9th March  
Spring 2022 16th March to 25th May21st April, 1st June11th May
Summer 2022 8th June to 3rd August10th August, 17th August, 24th August, 31st August20th July
Autumn 2022 7th September to 16th November2nd November26th October
Winter 2022 23rd November to 8th February 202321st December, 28th December25th January


TermNumber of LessonsCourse DatesClosedEnrolment
Summer 2021 (2)1022nd July to 7th October19th & 26th August 
Autumn 20211014th October to 16th December23rd & 30th December 
Winter 2022106th January to 10th Marchnone planned 
Spring 2022 17th March to 26th May21st April, 2nd June12th May
Summer 2022 9th June to 4th August11th August, 18th August, 25th August, 1st September21st July
Autumn 2022 8th September to 17th November3rd November27th October
Winter 2022 24th November to 9th February 202322nd December, 29th December26th January


TermNumber of LessonsCourse DatesClosedEnrolment
Summer 20211025th June to 10th September20th & 27th August 
Autumn 20211017th September to 19th Novembernone planned 
Winter 20211026th November to 11th February24th & 31st December 
Spring 2022 18th February to 29th April15th April8th April
Summer 2022 6th May to 5th August3rd June, 12th August, 19th August, 6th August, 2nd September22nd July
Autumn 2022 9th September to 18th November4th November28th October
Winter 2022 25th November to 10th February 202323rd December, 30th December27th January


TermNumber of LessonsCourse DatesClosedEnrolment
Summer 2021 (2)1024th July to 16th October21st & 28th August 
Autumn 2021923rd October to 18th December25th December & 1st January 
Winter 2022108th January to 12th Marchnone planned 
Spring 2022 19th March to 28th May16th April, 4th June14th May
Summer 2022 11th June to 10th September6th August, 13th August, 20th August, 27th August3rd September
Autumn 2022 17th September to 26th November5th November12th November
Winter 2022 3rd December to 18th February 202324th December, 31st December4th February


TermNumber of LessonsCourse DatesClosedEnrolment
Summer 2021 (2)1018th July to 3rd October22nd & 29th August 
Autumn 20211110th October to 19th December26th December & 2nd January 
Winter 2022109th January to 13th Marchnone planned 
Spring 2022 20th March to 29th May17th April, 5th June15th May
Summer 2022 12th June to 11th September7th August, 14th August, 21st August, 28th August31st July
Autumn 2022 18th September to 27th November6th November13th November
Winter 2022 4th December to 19th February 202325th December, 1st January5th February
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