All swimming lessons are 30 minutes in duration up to stage 8 and Bronze Challenge.

Lessons are 45 minutes in duration from stage 9 and Silver Challenge.

Lessons are held at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Wakefield up to stage 7 and 100 metre distance swims. Children can then transfer automatically to our academy for advanced swimming.

Children can join our Learn to Swim Programme from the age of 3 years upwards and at any stage in their ability to swim.

Although we operate a waiting list, it is possible to obtain a place quickly depending upon your child's ability and your flexibility to attend on the day and time slot available.

It is advisable to register your child on our waiting list from the age of 2 years if you would like them them to attend at 3 years and register at 3 years if you would like them to start when they are 4 years.

If you are interested in any of our courses to start as soon as possible or further in the future, please contact our bookings and administration officer on 07540 418124 or complete the booking form on the right hand side of the page.

You can click on the links opposite to view our annual course dates.

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Dates

Swimming lesson fees are paid for on a termly basis, prior to the course start date.


Holiday PeriodClosed Between (inclusive)Re-Open
October Half Term 2023Saturday 28th October – Friday 7th NovemberSaturday 8th November
Christmas 2023Saturday 23rd December to Friday 5th JanuarySaturday 6th January
Easter 2024Saturday 23rd March to Friday 5th AprilSaturday 6th April
May Half Term 2024Monday 27th May to Sunday 2nd JuneMonday 3rd June
Summer 2024Saturday 3rd August to Friday 30th AugustSaturday 31st August


TermNumber of LessonsCourse Dates
Autumn 2023104th September to 13th November
Winter 2023/20241020th November to 5th February
Spring 20241112th February to 6th May
Summer 20241113th May to 29th July


TermNumber of LessonsCourse Dates
Autumn 2023105th September to 14th November
Winter 2023/20241021st November to 6th February
Spring 20241113th February to 7th May
Summer 20241114th May to 30th July


TermNumber of LessonsCourse Dates
Autumn 2023106th September to 15th November
Winter 2023/20241022nd November to 7th February
Spring 20241114th February to 8th May
Summer 20241115th May to 31st July


TermNumber of LessonsCourse Dates
Autumn 2023107th September to 16th November
Winter 2023/20241023rd November to 8th February
Spring 20241115th February to 9th May
Summer 20241116th May to 1st August


TermNumber of LessonsCourse Dates
Autumn 2023108th September to 17th Novemberr
Winter 2023/20241024th November to 9th February
Spring 20241116th February to 10th May
Summer 20241117th May to 2nd August


TermNumber of LessonsCourse Dates
Autumn 2023102nd September to 18th November
Winter 20233/20241025th November to 10th February
Spring 20241117th February to 11th May
Summer 20241018th May to 27th July


TermNumber of LessonsCourse Dates
Autumn 2023103rd September to 12th November
Winter 2023/20241019th November to 4th February
Spring 20241111th February to 5th May
Summer 20241112th May to 28th July
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Atlantis Swimming School has earned itself an excellent reputation for providing very high standards of tuition and also for its friendly and caring teaching environment.